I specialise in formulating brand experiences, conceptualising business plans and brand strategy. I love designing experiences using consumer trends and technology they interact with to build an emotional connection by providing a memorable experience than just selling a product. I have experience of working in multinational corporates as well as startups in different geographies, coordinating & getting things done.  

My education & work is not only limited to fashion. I'm passionate about exploring the unknown, researching on brands & their market. Solving business issues with artistic sensibilities. 

I am a dedicated bilingual hard worker, who has dealt with all the levels of an organization. This includes from the grass root level (getting products developed by artisans) to the buyers and sharing food pictures with upper management while getting my project approved. 

6 reasons to hire me:

1. I <3 Consumer Insights

I strongly believe in creating customer centric solutions to create long term customer loyalty. {Refer: My Favourite Project}

2. I'm tiny but I can Lead

I was the youngest employee in my first job & managed a brand on my own. In my current job I got a promotion within 3 months of joining and now heading 2 departments. Also side note- I helped build 2 brands for online food delivery literally on the side. {Refer: My Resume}

3. Experience is Key

Digital has changed everything. I can help create experiences that will get the consumer out of the screen and into your store. On repeat. Offer also applicable for creating digital experiences. {Refer: My Mobile App + Website+ State of Luxury Brands Online }

4. Excellent Conversationalist

I promise with my humour, your team will love coming to work {Refer: My Insta Venture}

5. I co-run a chain of restaurants along with working as a freelance brand strategist apart from my full time job.

So I have experience in running around and managing humans (and their unique issues) from varied departments. 

6. Will tell you if you email me. {Ref: Let's Talk}

enough about me let's talk about you.