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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for  brand extension

Manolo Blahnik, the master of women’s design has earned the icon status. His designs are celebrated around the world and has been immortalized in fashion forward films and television series. Every girl’s aspirational dream to own a pair of Manolos.

As an attempt to bring the dream closer Manolo Blahnik will introduce a line of women’s eyewear and a possible introduction of additional products as well in the future to increase the brand’s product offering. With the increase in digital media, the aim of the brand Manolo Blahnik’s ‘Integrated Marketing Communication Plan’ will be to revive the magic in the virtual space making it more visible to the consumer and creating a buzz about the brand. In order to have increased brand recall and brand conversations, complement the digital promotions with product placements as a customary in order to continue the Sex and the City magic as well as promoting the Manolo experience through Print and PR.







positioning strategy

The elements that would make up the positioning of the brand are the value proposition for the product category, the essence of the brand and the values and character of the brand that is exhibited in the development of the DNA of the brand Manolo Blahnik.

Value and Character: Manolo Blahnik was founded as a shoemaking company that resembled fun, quirkiness, and sophistication. Being renowned for their unique shoe designs and expanding only in the accessory industry into formal clutches and handbags, the brand’s place in the luxury market is strong. Heavy product placement and celebrity endorsement is what has kept the brand alive in spite of its lack of commercial advertisement.

Manolo Blahnik will continue to live through the foundation that was set many years ago by remaining true to the sole image of the head designer and founder even with collaboration. The vision and goal of the brand is continue on with the foundation that is already set by, providing satisfaction to customers by giving them the best quality materials and unique designs while remaining fun and sophisticated in a new product category.





Based on the brand’s current target market, we focus our communication mix on areas that our target consumers, women ages 25-45, are more favorable of utilizing. Print ads are to be placed in magazines that advertise luxury, lifestyle brands like Manolo Blahnik. For social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat will be the focus of promotion and sharing information with the target audience. The official brand website will also be used in the communication mix to establish the con- nection of the product to the brand.


The creative concept for the Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Views by Manolo Blahnik is to give the customers a face to relate to while maintaining the existing brand identity by incorporating elements like fun, vibrant, colour blocking, woman like.

Although, currently the delivery is not very strong and consumers and media still refer to Sex and the City when they hear the mention of Manolo Blahnik. Hence, the aim is to make the execution of the brand identity strong.

Also, the brand has always paid more focus on the product than the presence of the model. Even in the recent collaboration with Rihanna the website had more focus on her legs and feet than her face. As part of our research this was a possible reason, the target audience related the brand with Carrie Bradshaw.

Hence, the campaign will be focussing on the product, although there will be a hint of human element in order to give the brand a face. Additionally, since till date Manolo designs all his products, the focus will also be on the transition from the sketches to live products and the concept behind each uniquely designed product.



campaign film

Print Advertising

Our print ads will be placed into magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle. These avenues allows us to strengthen the brand presence and delivery of information to the target consumers of the brand.


Outdoor Advertising | Billboards

Billboards will influence brand awareness and interest. They will also direct consumers to nearby flagship stores. This will help to broaden consumer reach and expand potential consumer market.

PR and Events

Special events will grant loyal customers the opportunity to have first pick at new products. They will also give different bloggers and other media outlet representatives a chance to be introduced to the brands and the new product offering. 

Digital Media

Digital media will be used to enhance global presence and reach a broader audience. Consumers will be able to connect with the brand on a more personal level and at their convenience. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram will allow the target audience as well as other consumers to establish a more intimate relationship with the brand while being inspired to purchase products. The website will provide information about the product extension, store location, as well as purchase options for customers. The website will be the mainstream purchase for consumers who are unable to reach flagship locations.

campaign evaluation

behind the scenes